By | June 26, 2019

Are you starting the hunt for an apartment for your family and are worried about the cost? Let’s take a couple minutes and discuss the prices you can expect for family friendly Columbus Ohio apartments.

Maybe we should define what we mean by family friendly first. It would need to have a minimum of 2 bedrooms and preferably have 1.5 baths or more. On-site parking would be a requirement, too. You do not want to haul kids and the family groceries from off-site parking.

We will start off by talking about 2 bedroom apartments. Of course, price are going to vary greatly throughout the Columbus area, but we will give you some ranges to consider.

The lowest prices we have found for 2 bedroom apartments that match our criteria is $600. Keep in mind, this was a single apartment being offered at this super low rate. A more common starting point is $725 to $800 for lower end apartments.

At the high end, you can expect to pay over $2000 per month. These apartments are in nicer neighborhoods and are extremely nice. You can expect to have laundry facilities in your apartment instead of a shared laundry with the apartment complex.

A good median range on 2 bedroom Columbus Ohio apartments is around $1100 to $1400. In this price range you will find very nice apartments with large floor areas, nice appliances and a lot of amenities at the complex.

When we step up to 3 bedroom apartments with at least 2 bathrooms, the prices jump a little. Your lower end apartments will start at just over $1000 per month.

High-end 3 bedroom apartments run in the same price ranges as the 2 bedroom apartments. You can expect prices to go over $2000 per month. Mid-range apartments are priced similarly to 2 bedroom apartments, also.

What are the biggest factors that make differences in prices? The lowest prices are often apartments with income restrictions. They can be very nice apartments, but the prices are lower due to incentives received from government agencies. Make sure you call ahead and ask if the prices are reflecting low-income restrictions before wasting your time driving to the complex.

Location is another big factor in determining price levels. Apartments in more desirable areas of Columbus will demand higher prices.

The two biggest factors that affect price are size and quality. As the square footage of an apartment goes up, the price will go up, also. If you want more space, you need to plan to pay for it. Quality is reflected in the type of appliances, the finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms, the type of carpet and other factors. If you want higher quality furnishings, it does cost a little more.

This should give you an idea of what price ranges to expect while hunting for apartments in Columbus Ohio. You can narrow down your search by price using online apartment searches. We recommend sorting apartments by price and narrowing down your search to the areas of Columbus you would love to live in. You can find great apartments throughout the city if you take a little time to look around.