By | December 6, 2018

When one thinks of going to the beach Columbus Ohio is possibly one of the last destinations that you will contemplate when packing in the sunscreen. But is this state only limited to access to the salt by way of the Gulf of Mexico? If that is what you think them you may be mistaken – Columbus in Ohio has some great beaches – and some great opportunities to let your hair down and get wet – not with salt but with some fresh water.

Let’s take a look at some of the great opportunities for freshwater fun in and near Columbus.

The first is at Lake Logan State Park. This incredible 400-acre piece of land is home to – you guessed it, Lake Logan. It is the perfect spot for a day out with six different picnic spots and a huge public swimming area. You’ll have everything you need to grill or go on a walk on the three hiking trails – and you will not lack for hydration as the public amenities (including restrooms) all have water that is safe. For fisherman this place is great, for families in search of a respite from the city it’s also a fantastic place to spend the day.

If you plan on spending some time out of doors and camping is part of your lifestyle then Long’s Retreat is just what the doctor ordered. With 400 different camping sites and a great selection of cabins, you are spoiled for choice. The kids will love it. Water slides and an arcade, as well as a splash pool, make it perfect for all ages.

If you’d like an active opportunity to spend some time off then Baylor Beach Water Park is the venue that has you covered. With water-based fun that includes inflatables, slides and diving boards into crystal clear waters there’s enough to keep everyone cool and relaxed. Numerous other beach-style activities are also available, play cornhole, volleyball or simply relax and take in the rays.

Rev up your engine on the 3,100 acres of Buckeye Lake. You can let the horsepower go on this vast expanse of water and really let your hair down. The beaches are great the fun is great and there’s simply a great time to be had.

Don’t write off Columbus and its environs when it comes to fun on the beach – there are plenty of opportunities for good fun.